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     The Montauk lighthouse at Montauk Point is a popular destination here on Long Island. Every August I display my lighthouse paintings at Montauk Point and always enjoy meeting relaxed people visiting Montauk. Montauk fishing is spectacular as are the restaurants!

Montauk Lighthouse, Montauk,  New York
End of the Day


     The Montauk Lighthouse painting on the left is a view looking south. The Montauk Lighthouse painting below has a popular surf casting location from the rocks.



     All three of these giclee prints are printed on hand made cotton paper from Europe, and have been tested for longevity.


The Montauk Point Lighthouse, Montauk New York
Montauk Lighthouse

A sunset at Montauk New York
After the Storm

     This Montauk Lighthouse painting is a view facing north. There had been some rain that day, but the clouds diminished and awarded us with an excellent sunset!


     About 75 Miles west of Montauk point is the Fire Island Lighthouse. The Robert Moses causeway from Babylon provides access by car. I grew up in West Islip, very near this scene. You can see the Robert Moses causeway in the painting Lighthouse Breeze.

Robert Moses and Fire Island Lighthouse
Lighthouse Breeze


Lighthouse Paintings by Rick Mundy
A Beach View III

The Fire Island lighthouse painting at the left is one of a series of three lighthouse paintings that form a nice panoramic view of the beach: “Beach with a View III”.


     If you were to take the Robert Moses causeway to fire island, park in lot 5, and walk about a half mile east, you would be viewing this lighthouse painting, entitled “Lighthouse Friends”.


Fire Island Lighthouse
Lighthouse Friends