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Looking for nautical decor?  Sailboat paintings?….. Perhaps nautical gifts for someone special ? I hope you visit these pages of nautical paintings, if only to enjoy the beauty of fine art sailboat paintings and other art prints.


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Fine art nautical decor art prints page 2
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Nautical decor fine art
Something Old, Something New


     I had three of these four nautical paintings at different stages of completion at the same time! I had wanted to capture the different moods of the water from very calm (Something Old, Something New), to more movement (Harbor Reflections), to lots of movement because of the wind (Always the Optimist) which was named after the boat.

Nautical decor fine art
Harbor Reflections
nautical decor art prints
Always The Optimist

nautical decor art prints
Harbor Palette


I love to paint skies with vertical brush strokes as I did in “The Harbor Palette”. I have done this technique often, usually with mountain scenes in winter, but this is the only fine art that I selected for art prints. The reflections of the sky colors in the sand puddles at low tide are interesting.



Three of the four nautical decor art prints shown above cost $75 each with no other add on costs.

All nautical paintings and art prints are mailed flat, and make excellent nautical gifts.

If your nautical gifts come matted, I could customize the fine art for the person you choose to give it to, by my writing something on the mat, below the art prints image. You would tell me the comment to write. There is no charge for this, and yes, it can still be returned for a full refund.


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