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I am pleased to include these nautical paintings
in my line of nautical decor, so as to provide fine art for anyone looking for nautical paintings for the home or office.

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Many of my works follow this nautical decor theme. I feel any one of these fine art nautical paintings will go very well with my Beach Series, should you want to look at these art prints as well.


Art prints & fine art
Harbor Twilight


I had wanted to paint these two rowboats for a very long time. They were always lying there, every single time I had walked down to the dock. I eventually did paint them, choosing the calm of twilight as their setting.



Sea Shadows is one of my art prints of a work boat: wooden, dented, showing her rust, but proud of the work she did over the years. The chain shadows across the wood planking is what first caught my eye.

Art prints & fine art
Sea Shadows


  Nautical Decor
Fishing The Jetty

Fishing from the Jetties is popular and seems to be a pretty quiet way to spend a day.



Those that donít own a boat require the ferries to bring them to some of the more populated areas of Fire Island.


  Nautical Decor
Fire Island Ferries

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